Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Let's lay the groundwork NOW for a Ron Paul race


If we are serious about a Ron Paul campaign, we need to get started ASAP. Non-election years are the easiest time to secure seats on county Republican Executive Committees and of course we can always join our local GOP clubs. We need to get Ron supporters in as many GOP clubs as possible *before* the presidential campaigns get into high gear.

This is crucial, as these positions will be invaluable for setting up speaking events and fundraisers for Ron and they will also give us direct access to Republican primary voters. Through these venues we can participate in the crucial straw polls such as Presidency IV.

Here's what I recommend right away:

1. Join your local municipal or county GOP club, or run for a seat on the county REC. If you are under 40, join the Young Republicans. Attend their monthly meetings.

2. Plug in to the libertarian network in the GOP. Join the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) at:

3. Show Ron you want him to run. Send a nominal contribution to the

Ron Paul 2008 PEC, 837 W. Plantation Drive, Clute, Tex. 77531.

You can send more later if he officially announces.

This is a great opportunity for the libertarian movement. Let's make the most of it.

-- Philip Blumel,


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