Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ron Paul to appear in first Presidential debates in April

This is excellent news! The first Presidential debates have been announced, and Ron Paul has been invited:

CNN/WMUR/Union Leader to host first presidential debates
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- New Hampshire's two leading news organizations will partner with CNN to host two presidential debates in April, executives with the three media companies announced Friday.

CNN, WMUR and The New Hampshire Union Leader will hold the back-to-back debates on April 4 and 5, the first such events to be held of the 2008 presidential campaign. CNN's Wolf Blitzer will moderate the debates with questions coming from WMUR's Scott Spradling and Union Leader's John DiStaso. WMUR's Jennifer Vaughn will be moderating questions from the audience. The debate will be televised live nationally on CNN and throughout New Hampshire on WMUR.


The South Carolina GOP has announced it will be hosting a debate among the GOP Presidential candidates on May 15 in Columbia. Let's make sure Ron Paul is included in that debate as well!


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webmaster said...

If you check The Daily Paul you will see Ron had an excellent first weekend in NH, where we raised $14,000 for him at a house party. The videos are on that site. He did many other things that weekend which you can read about on the site and also on

IF 1 MILLION PEOPLE EACH SEND $20.00, that's $20M dollars!

Checks should be made out and mailed to:

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