Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crony Commercial Interests Aiming at Amash in Michigan

Philip Rucker writes in the Washington Post
that crony capitalists are so unhappy with libertarian favorite Rep. Justin Amash (R - Mich. - Dist. 3) that they are desperately seeking one of their own to mount a primary challenge against him. After all, doesn't every business lobby need someone to look after commercial interests and help them out with some good old rent-seeking?

Brian Ellis, president of an area capital management company, announced his entry in to the primary Tuesday morning. Ellis, a veteran of agribusiness, investments and a school board trustee. At his announcement, Ellis made the ridiculous assertion that "Congressman Justin Amash has turned his back on our conservative principles by voting against the Paul Ryan Budget that would cut spending by $5 trillion, and against a 20 percent tax cut for small businesses." Lotsa luck in trying to fool primary voters with such baseless nonsense. The Paul Ryan budget was big-government Republicanism at its finest.
The fact is that the local power brokers don't care for the fact that Justin Amash is committed to serving the citizens in his district and not them. Insurance mogul Meg Goebel said of Amash: "“I don’t see him as a collaborator, and I think that’s a huge problem.” 

As noted in the comments on Reason's Hit and Run blog, the historical connotation of the word "collaborator" is likely lost on Frau Goebel. 

If there is a backlash against Amash, look for a counter-backlash against the crony capitalists. This is a prime opportunity to educate people how corporatism - the alliance of business interests and the state - is the opposite of free and fair markets. 

And it's time to let Justin know we've got his back.

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