Friday, May 4, 2007

Ron Paul wins MSNBC post-debate poll

Last night, MSNBC held the first GOP presidential debates at the Reagan Library in California. Ron Paul was the most surprising and refreshing of the candidates. We're not just saying that because we're big supporters here at ... it is because he clearly seperated himself from the others by staking out firm, principled positions. When he came out squarely against any kind of national ID card, the others who endorsed it (Giuliani, Romney, et cetera) then backtracked and said they only wanted it for aliens. His staking out of the libertarian quadrant is already having an effect on the others. Chris Matthews used the word libertarian twice and linked Ron Paul to the "Barry Goldwater wing" of the GOP. It's nice to see him finally get some respect from these guys.

As of now, Ron Paul leads in the MSNBC interactive poll - 32% positive, ahead of all the others. And Ron has the lowest negatives - 29% as opposed to Huckabee's 37%. If you toggle the before/after ratings, you'll see Ron had the biggest increase.

This is very encouraging - and nothing short of amazing. Put Ron in front of larger audiences, and he wins them over.


Vince said...

Ron Paul is the only candidate on either side of the Jackyderm party who is willing to stand up for the Constitution. He is the only candidate who truly believes in and pushes for less government, less war, less taxes, less control and more freedom. Sure, a few of the Democrats were against war from the beginning, but they are socialists who will only help to grow our already enormous and over-stretching government. Ron Paul holds true to the values of this country's founders who were strongly against a huge federal government like the one we have today.

Garrett said...

I believe that ron paul is one of the best candidates running for president right now. He is an honest individiual that is fully capable to run the United States of America and that is truely what our country needs