Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 25: Ron Paul on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO

After his big splash in the GOP debates, Bill Maher has declared Ron Paul "my new hero." Ron Paul will be on Maher's show once again on Friday, May 25, this time with libertarian humorist P.J. O'Rourke and actor Ben Affleck.

On Ron's first appearance on Maher's show, Maher was somewhat dismissive of him and even disrespectful. Apparently he has changed his opinion, and is offering him as an example for other politicians to follow (click here to see Maher haranguing establishment sop Chris Dodd while throwing Ron's name out there).


Bruce D. Collins said... will be blogging the Mountain View, CA rally on Saturday, July 14th starting at 9am PST/ 12 pm EST. The first speaker will begin promptly at 10am.

In addition, there will be video coverage by accessing RonPaulRally at Yahoo’s instant messenger. Click on the webcam link for RonPaulRally and you will be able to see the festivities.

Scheduled speakers will include G. Edward Griffin, Joe Bannister and Justin Raimondo. More information is featured at

Remember, the live blog coverage will be at and will begin at 9am PST. During the week leading up to the event, we will have information about the Ron Paul campaign and the speakers who will be featured on Saturday. Also, you have the ability to comment and communicate with fellow Ron Paul supporters.

We would like to point out some great websites where Ron Paul is also prominently featured:

Hope to “see” you there!!!

Bruce Collins

MmmParsley said...

Check out this link. It talks about the voting methodology in the upcoming Texas straw poll.

Anthony Rocco said...

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Ali.mostaque said...
FreeWest Blog - Around the country almost every precinct with electronic voting also offers a way to vote with a paper ballot. Insist on the paper voting option.

In the past few weeks, there has been a great deal of discussion regarding vote fraud - especially from the Ron Paul camp. I personally believe that there is a high probability that the voting machines are cheating voters out of a fair election.

In order to keep a closer eye on the situation, I signed up as a Poll Manager.
I learned that ANYONE can refuse to use the electronic voting machines, and that they will be allowed to vote using a paper ballot.

The idea occurred to me that it would be a good idea to use the "Ron Paul Network" to get this information out quickly.

I imagined a few interesting things that might happen.

Every voter who votes for Ron Paul should INSIST on a paper ballot.
Those votes would NOT be tallied by the close of the polls and would therefore come in many hours after the polls have closed.
This simple tactic would not only get a great deal of local publicity, it would also get national attention. As the word spreads, the public could nullify the "Diebold factor" without waiting until the next election cycle.
This would also assure that there was a clear paper trail that could tracked. It would be very unlikely that they would lose the evidence. In a recount situation it would be harder to falsify fraudulent voting as well.
This is a simple, cost free solution to the vote fraud concern.
By the next voting cycle, If the media reports on this, voters for all candidates might adopt this idea and derail the attempt for unscrupulous individuals to steal our elections by tampering with the Diebold machines.

So it's simple, If you want your vote to count, avoid the electronic machines and ask for a paper ballot.
Email to a friend

Is this a realistic solution?

Who would the people voting at primaries ask for---which official do they need to contact to say that they want to use paper ballots? How early; One day or two days before, a week before?

Which official would be relied upon to make the arrangements.

Organisationally feasible?

As things stand, if it works than it should be tried, otherwise with the Diebold machine, I can't see Ron Paul winning. Which is a shame given the unofficial huge mandate he has already received, in addition to the huge funds. I personally don't think he should officially state that all his supporters go for this, as it is tantamount to saying the electoral system is fraudulent-----which no mainstream candidate aspiring to be President, can say, and win. He has to 'play the game'. But there is nothing wrong with unofficial efforts to get his organisation and campaign staff to go for this alternative strategy.


PS. I assume you have already watched 'Hacking Democracy' on Youtube, or HBO. You should as it gives a whole new perspective to things. Part 1. Part 2