Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is to be done? A message from Phil Blumel

From: Phil Blumel, Palm Beach Ron Paul meetup coordinator


We are running in a GOP primary and have to reach GOP voters. It is helpful, and easy, to have sign-waving events on busy street corners -- and they are worth doing! -- but they are not enough, as a minority of the people who pass in cars are NOT going to be voting in the primary.

The most influential primary voters attend local GOP meetings and/or belong to their county Republican Executive Committee and, of course, 100% of the people at such meetings are both interested in the election and will be voting in the primary. We need to be a recognized and respectable part of the Republican Party if we are to win a Republican primary. If we act like a marginal third party, we will get the vote total of a marginal third party.

Here are my specific recommendations in this regard:

1) Register Republican right now if you are not already.

2) Bring change of registration forms to every planning Meetup. We always get new GOP voters in the South Florida Meetups when we do this.

3) Encourage the more presentable Meetup folks (you know what I mean) to join their local GOP clubs and attend meetings and socials wearing a Ron Paul lapel pin and armed with some Ron literature. Go to the meeting, participate, get to know people.

You don't need to be pushy or dogmatic, as this will be resented. Have you ever been active in a charity and some realtor or other salesperson joins trying to network to generate business and it is clear they don't really care about the charity? They do not succeed in generating business that way; this kind of networking only works when the realtor is *genuinely* interested in the goals of the charity. Watch how the Rudy and Mitt folks are working the crowd and learn from them. Because of the pin, discussions about Ron will spring up. But even when they don't, these important primary voters will recognize intraparty support and we will earn respect. The key to networking is to make genuine connections with people, not to harangue or give speeches. It requires attending meetings regularly and establishing real relationships.

4) Join the Republican Liberty Caucus network ( Ron was chair of the RLC in the 1990s and this is the existing libertarian network in the GOP. This will help you locate fellow travelers in the GOP. You are not alone!


Difster said...

Limbaugh blew off call about Ron Paul today on the show. Details here.

Limbaugh needs to feel the heat for this.

Steve said...

Make sure you pledge to vote for RP in your state primary!

L Ron Hubbard said...


This is a website I put together for Ron Paul, future president of the United States. I think this is a great collection of Ron Paul videos so please take a chance to view them and then go on to educate others. It's only fair that everyone knows about Ron Paul.

Matthew said...

Check out this post on Ron Paul...

Webster said...

I have no idea why there needs to be so much spam...whe you guys have a chatroom.

Jack said...

A "Conservative" friend of mine has this decently established Blog, where he regularly bashes Ron Paul:

Please keep him on his toes with the outrageous statements he has been making lately... He'll respond to your criticism.

John Fyve (Formerly known as John Five) said...


L Ron Hubbard said...

Watch: Ron Paul videos here.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul What should you do with the money? Infomercial

TeamSplashi said...

Great blog about only candidate who is willing to take this great nation forward using the base foundation of it.
Great person in Ron Paul and we hope to do the best in 2008 election.

Cheers from Rose City.

Garynick said...

check this, he actually gets to talk...

Ron Paul answers journalists' questions

lets make this go huge on Youtube - rate, favorite, share!

Garynick said...

check this, he actually gets to talk...

Ron Paul answers journalists' questions

lets make this go huge on Youtube - rate, favorite, share!

Garynick said...

check this, he actually gets to talk...

Ron Paul answers journalists' questions

lets make this go huge on Youtube - rate, favorite, share!

Ali.mostaque said...
FreeWest Blog - Around the country almost every precinct with electronic voting also offers a way to vote with a paper ballot. Insist on the paper voting option.

In the past few weeks, there has been a great deal of discussion regarding vote fraud - especially from the Ron Paul camp. I personally believe that there is a high probability that the voting machines are cheating voters out of a fair election.

In order to keep a closer eye on the situation, I signed up as a Poll Manager.
I learned that ANYONE can refuse to use the electronic voting machines, and that they will be allowed to vote using a paper ballot.

The idea occurred to me that it would be a good idea to use the "Ron Paul Network" to get this information out quickly.

I imagined a few interesting things that might happen.

Every voter who votes for Ron Paul should INSIST on a paper ballot.
Those votes would NOT be tallied by the close of the polls and would therefore come in many hours after the polls have closed.
This simple tactic would not only get a great deal of local publicity, it would also get national attention. As the word spreads, the public could nullify the "Diebold factor" without waiting until the next election cycle.
This would also assure that there was a clear paper trail that could tracked. It would be very unlikely that they would lose the evidence. In a recount situation it would be harder to falsify fraudulent voting as well.
This is a simple, cost free solution to the vote fraud concern.
By the next voting cycle, If the media reports on this, voters for all candidates might adopt this idea and derail the attempt for unscrupulous individuals to steal our elections by tampering with the Diebold machines.

So it's simple, If you want your vote to count, avoid the electronic machines and ask for a paper ballot.
Email to a friend

Is this a realistic solution?

Who would the people voting at primaries ask for---which official do they need to contact to say that they want to use paper ballots? How early; One day or two days before, a week before?

Which official would be relied upon to make the arrangements.

Organisationally feasible?

As things stand, if it works than it should be tried, otherwise with the Diebold machine, I can't see Ron Paul winning. Which is a shame given the unofficial huge mandate he has already received, in addition to the huge funds. I personally don't think he should officially state that all his supporters go for this, as it is tantamount to saying the electoral system is fraudulent-----which no mainstream candidate aspiring to be President, can say, and win. He has to 'play the game'. But there is nothing wrong with unofficial efforts to get his organisation and campaign staff to go for this alternative strategy.


PS. I assume you have already watched 'Hacking Democracy' on Youtube, or HBO. You should as it gives a whole new perspective to things. Part 1. Part 2

Man Eating Moose said...

Fuck Ron Paul. Fuck 'em right in the ass.


Bell Of Liberty said...


John McCain is clearly focused on one thing and one thing only - WAR. He lives for it, he loves it, he’s obsessed by it, it is his entire identity. He is a Post Traumatic Stress, hot-headed and unstable egotisitcal lunatic who cares nothing about the will of the American people. He is loyal to his big corporate backers and his backers make a killing off of war, war and more war.

In his own words, “Friends, I want to give you some straight talk. Friends, there are going to be more wars. I’m sorry to tell you, but there are going to be more wars…”. Wow. Interesting Foriegn Policy approach there, John. Glad to know our tax money will be used wisely.

After 2004 it became apparent to me what I had been trying to forget after the 2000 election, that much of America is just not paying attention. It would be foolish to assume that this time around they have turned off “American Idol” and are really going to think this one through. McCain appeals to fear coupled with Amerian imperial arrogance. McCain, like Bush before him, can win. We cannot let that happen.

Unfortunately Hilary Clinton represents the exact same special interests that McCain does. They should run on the same ticket. Actually, come to think of it I take that back. Hilary Clinton represents Hilary Clinton. McCain represents those corporate interests that can most benefit by America expanding it’s empire through military aggression.

There is only one serious contender who is sane and that is Ron Paul. He did not support the invasioin of Iraq. He did not support NAFTA, amnesty for illegal aliens and he did not suppor the Patriot Act. He has consistently kept his campaign promises for each of the 10 terms he has served in the United States Congress.

Barack Obama will likely be our next President. I feel he is a good man and I would take him over McCain any day. However, this is not a Socialist country. We need to get back to the values of the Founding Fathers and the ideas put forth in the Constitution. The Ron Paul phenomenon is the beginning of a much larger and far-reaching revolution in America.
John McCain is a huge step in the wrong direction. He and his Neo-Con allies have hijacked the country and the time has come for us to take it back.

Someone who speaks in straight talk doesn’t have to keep reminding you that it’s straight talk. They just speak the truth.

As for me, I’m voting for Ron Paul.

- Eric Allen Bell